HECTOR. Why am I on Uranus? Helene, Helene what the goddamn fuck are we doing on Uranus! This is the last time I let you drive. Jesus Christ, I take a nap for five minutes, we’re on Uranus. For crying out loud, Helene, are you drunk? Oh my goodness gracious fuck, Helene, now what’re we gonna do?

HELENE. Well, it’s not my fault you bought me that Martini, asshole.


HECTOR. What the hell?

QLASZ7RBLBQ8X. Identify.

HECTOR. Could you tell us the fastest way–

QLASZ7RBLBQ8X. Identify.

HELENE. I think he wants your name.

HECTOR. Gregory Samuel Peckerdodge the third.

QLASZ7RBLBQ8X. Greetings, pink foreigners. I am Qlasz7rblbq8x, also known as–

HECTOR. Wait, what?


HECTOR. What, what the hell did you say your name was?

QLASZ7RBLBQ8X. Qlasz7rblbq8x.


QLASZ7RBLBQ8X. It gets you about three hundred points on Scrabble.

HECTOR. You can’t play proper names in Scrabble.

QLASZ7RBLBQ8X. We don’t have proper names on Uranus.

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