In Lieu of Loos in Waterloo

July 4, 2008

Being it summer and all, we’ve been lazy. Personally, I’ve been sleeping way too much and wasting my days dusting my music library. But now’s about time for some updates. Among the small projects I’m undertaking is a photo series entitled “Jimmy Mcnally takes a piss”, which would seem like an unnecessary concept under standard conditions. But Jimmy loves to pee outside, on trees and grass and squirrels. Maybe he’s onto something. Too many times, peeing outside falls in the realm of shit-faced male pragmatism. Probably because we’ve grown accustomed to our cement world of air-conditioned water closets with marble floors and heated seats. This is not a reaction against the comfort of the modern bathroom -can you name a more accommodating place to read “Ulysses” or Time magazine? Rather, it’s a rebellion against compartmentalization both social and architectural. This This photo series seeks to examine outdoor urination as an aesthetic experience, a very basic kind of dialectic between man and nature.


This first one is a digital photo collage, the other two are regular digital pictures. You can see a larger version by clicking on the images. The third picture was taken in the Bird Sanctuary behind Amherst College.

Among foliage\

In the sanctuary\